Stainless Razor Stand

Stainless Razor Stand


Our experience with razors has inspired a desire to create the best razor possible, the best case, and now the best stand. The REX Ambassador stand is manufactured out of Stainless Steel and is the perfect complementary product for your razor. Because the Ambassador features a hollow handle, it's able to rest securely on this stand without the need for a conventional "ink well" stand - showcasing the entire razor. It also makes it easy to take the razor on and off and will never get water inside. 

The design of the stand is a "scaled up" version of the adjustment dial seen on the Ambassador razor- complete with the Ambassador's unique knurling pattern and machined finish. It truly is the best stand for the Ambassador razor and will add to the handsome design of your favorite razor. 

  • Made in USA

  • Stainless Steel

  • 2.25 in in diameter

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